The Benefits of Choosing Data Integrity Software Wisely

Since you stumbled on this article, you are probably considering data integrity software. Perhaps you want to resolve some issues with data entry. Or maybe your business occupies an industry where fraud runs rampant, and you want to do all you can to protect your organization.

Regardless of the cause, you need to find data integrity software that meets the needs of your business. More specifically, that piece of software must have the ability to dig into the data that’s specific to your business. If not, you will never get a true sense of what’s happening behind certain transactions or financial statements.

Fortunately, a look at different software and their capabilities will help you determine which one will serve your organization best.

The Ideal Data Integrity software

Although no data integrity software is perfect or capable of doing everything, some are more all-encompassing. In fact, these comprehensive programs delve into data analytics that others don’t. 

But what does that program look like? 

  • Ability to review a wide range of analytics – This includes various data points ranging from payroll data to accounts payable/receivable numbers and employee vacation data.
  • Fast processing capabilities – One of the main reasons to use data analytic software is for convenience and speed. It can take a considerable amount of time to verify data manually, so the right analytics software should greatly reduce the length of the job.
  • Scalable for differently-sized enterprises – Interpreting data analytics for a small business has little resemblance to that of a multinational company. Some programs cater to one or the other, but the better pieces of software can be adjusted to meet the size of a particular enterprise.
  • Cost-effective – Data analytics technology often comes at a significant cost. Regardless of budget, cutting costs is vital and that means choosing analytics software that’s affordable, both in the short and long-run.
  • User-Friendly – The easiest factor to overlook when choosing a data analytics software is its user-friendliness, but it should sit at the top of a buyer’s checklist. The most powerful program will frustrate anyone if it lacks a simple user interface.

Other factors to consider when choosing data integrity software are price, technical support and customer ratings for the product.

Does GLAnalytics Meet these Standards?

The short answer is “yes”. GLAnalytics understands that only a small number of businesses actually take a proactive approach to dealing with fraud and errors. As a result, the software meets all of the qualities recommended above and offers even more.

The Advantages of Having a Comprehensive Data Integrity software

As mentioned earlier, data analytics of any kind require a major investment of time, effort and money. Business owners and staff may have to redirect these resources from other tasks, which of course, is not always an ideal situation. However, software such as what’s provided by GLAnalytics can help business teams reduce the strain that comes with large-scale data analysis.

The other key benefit of the software is its ability to give you the full picture of your business’ numbers. Whether it’s transaction data, financial statements or payroll numbers, GLAnalytics detects patterns in all submitted data. And this is important because it can allow you to make sense of far more data at once as opposed to doing so in multiple sessions. 

Benefits of Using GLAnalytics

  • Less time, energy and money devoted to data analysis
  • Eases the need for external resources/staff
  • Provides a centralized hub from which to pull, store and share data
  • Allows you to manage and analyze more data simultaneously
  • Comprehensive nature of the program makes it more cost-effective

Take a Proactive Route

You might call a data analysis a necessary evil. They can put a degree of stress on you and your staff but they are essential for data integrity. That’s why the right choice of data integrity software and data analytics makes all the difference.

GLAnalytics provides you with the tools needed to carry out efficient analysis techniques and practices. With its user-friendly dashboard, multifaceted ability and cloud-based features, you will equip your business with a nearly foolproof means of detecting fraud.

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