Components for
proactive monitoring

The GLAnalytics offering includes interconnected components to review financial information for anomalies that indicate potential errors or fraud.   Our proactive solution includes components for Payroll, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables and General Journal Entries.

Algorithms that highlight anomalies and cross review between components

On selected financial data sets, a significant number of different algorithms are run to identify anomalies.

Through an easy to read, and simple to use dashboard, the system provides a path and audit trail for resolving identified anomalies.

New algorithms will continue to be released on a regular basis and GLAnalytics encourages our user community to suggest new algorithms to be added as required.

Security, compliance and encryption of data

GLAnalytics includes highly secure and encrypted access control to make sure data stays private.

The application enables both logical and physical separation of client data with tiered certified storage.

GLAnalytics is cloud based for added security and scalability, where all data is securely stored, and all access is monitored.

A full audit trail is retained in the system to provide designated users a comprehensive view of all relevant touchpoints. No data is deleted from the system without designated approval.