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The highly-skilled, development, programming and implementation team at GLAnalytics has over 25 years in the financial accounting, strategy consulting, IT, and marketing industries.

Experts in improving data integrity and mitigating risk for organizations of all sizes

GLAnalytics is focused on data integrity and risk mitigation for the 400+ billion dollar global problem of fraud and employee error by helping companies proactively detect anomalies that contribute to the climbing cost of this problem in dollars … and reputations.

We stress the term ‘proactive’ because today the majority of fraud cases are not found until 3-4 years after the fact, when significant dollars have been lost, and even more money needs to be spent on forensics to sort out what happened.

Our team is thinking differently. We are flipping this huge problem on its head and finding the problem now rather than later.

Large organizations have so many transactions they are processing, that they simply can’t track them all, no matter how good their segregation of duties and internal controls are. On the flip side, smaller owner-managed businesses have significantly fewer internal controls and believe it won’t happen to them.

Helping Businesses’ improve data integrity, reduce risk, reduce errors and Stay Fraud-Free

The reality is that it is happening to companies of all sizes in record numbers. Compounding the problem is the fact that most organizations believe their external accountants and/or auditors will save the day and uncover issues in their annual work.

Unfortunately, year-end reviews and audits are not designed to find these problems. In fact, financial accounting firms put the burden on their clients in their engagement letters by saying it is management’s responsibility to find and correct these issues.

The GLAnalytics offering bridges the gap and provides reassurance and peace of mind to CEO’s, CFO’s, business owners and boards of directors.